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Dance Class, Jacksonville, Florida

Ages 5-8 Southside Campus

Monday Ballet-Hiphop Combo 5:30pm

Tuesday 5yr-7yr Ballet-Jazz Combo 5:30pm





Ages 3-4 Southside Campus 45min

Thursday Ballet-Tumble Combo 5:30pm 

After School Programs 

Duval Charter Southside

Duval Charter Baymeadows

Duval Charter Mandarin 

Trinity Christian Academy 

Movin Company Competition Team

Monday Juniors 

Thursday Minis

Thursday Teens

Ages 7-11 Southside Campus

Monday Junior Hiphop 6:30

Tuesday Ballet 6:30

Tuesday Jazz 7:30

Intermediate and Advanced 

Southside Campus

Teen Hiphop 7:30pm

Monday Ballet 5:30pm

Monday Leaps and Turns 6:30pm

Monday Lyrical/Contemporary 7:30pm

Wed INT Leaps/Turns

Wed Stretch/Conditioning

Wed Intermediate Jazz 5:30pm

Wed Adv Jazz Lyrical/Contemporary 7:30pm





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